Weaving Method

- Feb 17, 2019-


The wheat straw (water grass, wheat straw, bamboo stalk or brown rope, etc.) is braided into seven strands, and the bottom is made by hand. After the bottoming, the straw hat is used to nail the straw into a straw or straw hat. Finally, use seven straws to lie on the brim. Wearing this straw hat in summer, it is both shaded and ventilated, very cool.

Positive and negative

After the whole row has finished the hundred knots, the adjacent two strands are tied together, that is, the hundreds of knotted mesh holes.

Single knot

Each line of the line on the horizontal line is a group of four shares, the fourth share is pressed on the second and third shares, and then the first share is placed under the second and third shares, and then the fourth share is selected. After the first share, the first press was over the fourth.

The first stock will be placed in the second and third stocks, and the fourth stock will be the first stock. After the second and third stocks, the first stock will be pressed, and the first and fourth stocks will be pulled down. , straighten the second and third shares, and become a single knot.

After the first section of the complete group, the reorganization will combine the first, second and third and fourth shares with the adjacent two shares, and make the second row.

Double knot

The double knot is not reorganized after the first single knot is finished, and the second identical knot is prepared after a small distance, and then each is combined with the adjacent two strands. Twist the knot twice in a row, that is, double knot.

Round copper eye

The round copper element is a combination of a single knot and a square. The specific method is as follows: the six strands of the ropes on the horizontal line are grouped together, firstly, one, two, five, six stocks are combined into a single knot, then three or four strands are crossed, and the third strand is wound around the fifth strand. Six strands are pulled to the right, the fourth strand is wound around the second strand, and the first strand is pulled to the left. After the row is finished, the middle two strands of the adjacent groups are crossed and the third strand of the former group is crossed. Pulling to the right, after crossing the fourth share of the group, the first and second shares will be pulled, and the fourth group of the latter group will be pulled to the left. After crossing the third share of the group, the sixth and fifth shares will be circled. A group of sixth strands intersect to form a knot, and thus a complete winding copper eye is compiled.