The Armed Forces Of The Three Armies Are From Yangzhou. Each Hat Is Rivately Customize

- Jul 22, 2019-

On the parade of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese Anti-Japanese War, the military parade of the military parade was once again stunningly unveiled. You may not know that the ceremonial caps of the Chinese Three Armed Forces, the Bethune Medical Team and the General's team leader, and the military band's big hats were all produced in a private enterprise in Yangzhou.

Hat gold hand embroidery

The Armed Forces of the Three Armies, the cap of Yangzhou

The honor guards of the three armed forces who are being read represent the image of our military personnel, and the courtesy hats they wear are particularly important. Our city Yingmaijie Garment Co., Ltd. undertook the production of the military parade of the military parade, the Bethune Medical team and the general leader, and the opening band of the opening band.

"The company received more than 1,900 male soldiers and more than 1,200 female soldiers in the task." The company's general manager Meng said proudly, "The hat of the courtesy hat is a gold hand embroidery, this technology is in There are not many in the country."

Manager Meng told reporters that the company’s military parade caps were different in style and style. Among them, the men’s martial arts team of the Three Armies was “14 dresses and big hats”, and the women’s models were “14 dresses and caps”, which were divided into seas. The three styles of the land and air force are different in color; the Bethune team is all female soldiers, and it is the "15 parade."

In 2007, the company produced the first female officer's cap of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and thus entered the military cap production and storage enterprises. In addition, the company also produces military caps for countries such as the United Kingdom, Chile, and Venezuela.

Twice the size

Each hat is "privately customized"

"The production of this courtesy hat was divided into two sizes. The first time was June 9th, in the Armed Forces of the Three Armies; the second was to the medical team on June 23, measuring the size of the hat for the Bethune Medical team. Manager Meng told reporters that each of the concierge hats corresponds to each specific reader.

Whether the hat is suitable for wearing, mainly depends on whether the size of the head is the same as the size of the hat. To this end, it is necessary to measure the size of the head for each soldier to determine the size of each hat.

“It’s tricky to measure the size of the head circumference.” Manager Meng said that it is necessary to include a finger size when measuring the head circumference, so that the size is just right.

On a form, the name of each soldier is recorded, corresponding to the number of the hat and the size of the label. The reporter noticed that the first place in the female soldier's roll-up cap form is the first female general's team leader, Tian Ou.

Incorporating fashion elements

Female soldier hat adds golden hat embroidered

"This is the first time we have produced "14 dress curling caps". Compared with the previous styles, we pay more attention to comfort and breathability." The company's deputy general manager told reporters that when the military parade, the female honor guards made their debut, the women's hat was Summer models are more breathable, sweat-absorbent and easy to remove and wash than the spring and autumn courtesy hats.

“The hat top of the summer gift hat is made of double-layer polyester spacer mesh cloth; the hat inside the hat is originally made of polyester-cotton gauze, while the summer model is linen, which is more sweat-absorbent and comfortable.” According to the introduction, the new cap is detachable, which can be easily removed and replaced with the spring and autumn style caps.

The deputy general manager revealed that the design of “14 land, sea and air summer dress curling cap” combined with the international fashion trend, for the first time, some fashion elements were injected into the military cap, the appearance is more fashionable and generous, both sunny and handsome, and can highlight Guowei. Military power. The biggest feature is the addition of golden hat embroidered, the golden pattern is dazzling and majestic; secondly, the cap is changed from the original rope to the elastic band, which makes it more comfortable to wear.

More than ten processing links

Repeated quality inspection before leaving the factory

In order to successfully complete this task, the company has specially selected 22 outstanding technical backbones to set up a production team. "The backbone team's technicians are all workers with more than 10 years of work experience."

The production of each military parade cap is subject to more than ten strict processing links such as "CAD drawing - sub-standard plate making - material selection - compound - cutting - pressing lining - sewing - ironing - packaging - factory", etc. Three strict quality inspections are required before ironing, "packaging" and "factory". The pass rate of the submerged line can reach more than 98%, and the pass rate of the military products must be absolutely guaranteed 100%.

Master Zhou told reporters that the operation of hat embroidering is the most difficult. Workers need to observe the progress of embroidering at any time. They cannot be disconnected during the embroidering process, otherwise they can only be scrapped. In order to achieve the three-dimensional, smooth and shiny effect of the hat embroidery, the company has specially customized the gold thread for embroidery.

"After doing a good job, the technical backbones should have mutual quality inspections, and special quality inspection personnel should conduct quality inspections. Finally, they must accept the factory inspection of the military representatives." Wang Genlong revealed that each military cap must pass several times before leaving the factory. Road detection.