Sports Caps Baseball Cap

- Aug 01, 2019-

            The cap, also known as the duck cap, features a flat top and a visor. The brim is from two inches to four inches, and the width is different. The cap was originally a hat worn by a hunter when hunting. Therefore, it is also called a hunting cap. Because it is flat like a brim of a duck tongue, it is called a cap.

        In the spring and summer, the cap began to combine with the fashion sports style, many designers like to use the cap to match the design of the sporty clothing series.

        The most orthodox way to wear a cap is to wear it. However, the performance of "邋遢 wearing a hat and slanting clothes" that used to be awkward is more tempting to get rid of the new human heart. Squatting the duck tongue to one side of the head, or simply wearing the duck tongue behind the head, revealing a full forehead, but also a playful and cute.