Some Protesters Have Been Wearing Trump 2020 Hats At Small Rallies In Several Parts Of The US

- Jan 18, 2021-

On January 16 local time, several US states around the Capitol of small protest rallies, the scene was relatively calm, did not break out violence.


Trump supporters are holding a protest rally in Texas.

About a dozen Trump supporters gathered in front of the Texas state Capitol in the afternoon for a protest rally, some of them wearing "Trump 2020" hats, several others wearing protective vests and camouflage clothing, and at least one carrying a rifle.


In St. Paul, Minnesota, about 50 Trump supporters gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol holding signs that read "Theft is Real."The protesters were later surrounded by hundreds of police.

A small group of demonstrators, including several armed men, also gathered in front of the Nevada state Capitol.Many carried placards reading "Stop stealing" and passing cars honked their horns in support of the protesters.(Liu Xu, CCTV reporter)