New Era, An American Brand, Swept The World

- Feb 25, 2021-

Annual sales of more than 12 billion;Amazon is number one in sales;Sold in more than 80 countries worldwide;Beyonce, Jay Chou, G-Dragon, Justin Bieber, Edison Chen, JJ Lin and other domestic and foreign entertainment stars are his loyal fans...The American century-old brand NEW ERA (New York) can be said to be the "top stream" level existence of hat ring.It can be found everywhere from professional sports to trendy streets.As the cooperative brand of Tianma Sports, the sales volume of New Era brand on the platform has also been rising continuously in recent years.

In 1920, Ehrhardt Koch, founder of the brand, gave up his job at Miller's and borrowed $5,000 from his aunt to start his own hat company.In 1922, the company was officially renamed New Era Cap Co.


Starting from the first baseball cap in 1934, the brand became the sole cap supplier of Major League Baseball in 1950.From the American professional baseball field, to fashion items, popular all over the world.The classic NEW ERA hats have witnessed the development of the brand in one hundred years.

22 processes are made strictly

New Era is the world's leading headwear designer, developer and manufacturer, claiming to be the best quality and best designed professional baseball cap brand in the world.Since 1920, New Era has consistently used hand-crafted techniques to carve the finest headpieces.


From the selection of materials, sewing and cutting, patterns and embroideries to the final icon paste, a hat has to go through 22 production processes. Each New Era hat can be said to be an exquisite work of art.

From the American sports league fever in the trend

The "monopoly" influence of New Era brand originally comes from its strong advantage in the American sports league.New Era is the "only headwear brand for stadiums" designated by Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL and Man Uto. It is also the only headwear brand in cooperation with these major league events in the world.

New Era can be seen on the field and in the stands in some of the most influential professional sports in the United States, building a strong fan base for the brand.