Military Cap Style

- Feb 11, 2019-

Big hat

(1) Style: live cap, vertical cap wall: the front and rear of the cap increased the curl.

(2) Color: Cap: The officer is decorated with golden yellow flowers, and the officers and soldiers are black glossy plastic hats.

Cap ribbon: The officer is golden yellow; the school officials and non-commissioned officers are silver-gray; the soldiers are black artificial leather belts.

Cap wall ribbon: Army officers, non-commissioned officers are red, soldiers are deep grass green; naval officers and soldiers are navy blue; air force is azure blue.

Cap wall, cap: The army is light brown green; the navy cap wall is navy blue, the cap is white; the air force is azure.


(1) Style: International-style beret hat-shaped, hat on the left front hat wall with organic rust military cap badge.

(2) Materials: The cap is pure sheep Ao Mao wool yarn; the cap is black polyester flat cloth.

(3) Color: Army: dark brown green; navy: deep cyan; air force: deep blue.


A helmet is a protective device used to protect the head during military training and combat. It is usually hemispherical and consists mainly of a casing lining and suspension. Its outer casing is made of special steel, reinforced plastic, leather and other materials, which can effectively resist the damage of warheads, shrapnel and other blows to the head.

Camouflage training cap

The hat wall should be a vertical hat wall, a round top, a big hat.

Sailor cap

The sailor cap refers to the innocent cap of the navy soldier, usually white or blue, the hat is a hard ring, the front is generally marked with text, and there are two black ribbons at the back. Some of the ribbons are marked with text, and some are printed on the streamers. There is a badge with a medal. At the beginning of the 19th century, the innocent sailors’ caps spread in the navies of various countries. Later, due to the side wind direction and decorative effect, the streamer became an integral part of the sailor cap.