Hat Introduction

- Feb 03, 2019-

Baseball cap: The reason why the baseball cap is mainly used by American baseball players is to wear a baseball cap during the game, so many fans will wear the hat of their favorite team. It is the hat with the highest market penetration rate; the skill of the baseball cap; the baseball cap has less requirements on the material and LOGO process, the production is simple, the stitching contrast color and the accessories are flexible; the prominent mark is the curved cap.

Sports caps: mainly hats worn during sports, more styles, generally made of relatively light and thin fabrics, more stitching; higher quality requirements; LOGO has embroidery, printing, rubber stamp!

The matching method of sports caps: sports caps are always a symbol of youthful vitality, giving people a relaxed and natural impression! "Spring Summer": suitable for all kinds of T-shirts, shirts, jeans, vest skirts, or simple Cotton dress. "Autumn and Winter Days": Suitable for corduroy pants, jeans, denim, hooded coats, baseball jackets, and large sweaters.

Helmet: A hat that protects the head from falling objects and other specific factors. The helmet is composed of a cap shell, a cap liner, a chin strap and accessories.

Cap: Also known as the duck cap, it features a flat top and a visor. The brim is from two inches to four inches, and the width is different. The cap was originally worn by the hunter when hunting. Therefore, it is also called the hunting cap. Because it is flat like a brim of a duck tongue, it is called a cap.

Beret: A flawless soft-style military cap that is often used as a symbol of the personnel of the national army's rangers, special forces, and airborne units. The beret has the advantages of easy folding, no fear of squeezing, easy carrying, and beautiful appearance, and it is also convenient for the jacket steel helmet.