Hat Development

- Feb 14, 2019-

Hat's past

The most orthodox way to wear a cap is to wear it. However, it has been the performance of the shackles that wearing a hat and slanting clothes can make the new human heart that is eager to get rid of restraint. Squatting the duck tongue to one side of the head, or simply wearing the duck tongue behind the head, revealing a full forehead, but also a playful and cute.

The rise of hats

In 1917, the bell-shaped hat came out, and the design of this hat to block one eye was all the rage. In 1930, surrealism and entangled hats, headscarves, hats, and even the exaggerated design of the shoes on the top of the head were popular styles at the time.

During the Second World War, due to the lack of materials, the style of the hats also became more practical. In 1947, Dior genius shaped the "corolla line" and outlined a hat based on an upward flower. At that time, the slim waist skirt and a lampshade wide hat became the most classic and tasteful dress.

In the West, hats have long been associated with fashion and life. Jacqueline Kennedy likes to wear a flat-bottomed flat-bottomed hat; Princess Diana drives the popularity of a feathered triangular hat; the Queen Mother often wears an elegant little hat... even if the hat has risen in the north The South has always been not "cold" about the hat because of the heat. However, in the end it is still not the power of fashion. The emerging “IF (International Freedom)” brings the trend of sports neutral fashion, and the most typical neutral dress is to use masculine fashion, such as a cap and a tie to set off the delicate feminine Makeup. Therefore, the cap is red.

The British KANGOL cap has been in the European market for more than 60 years. It is not only loved by many stars, but also the supporter of the KANGOL cap.

Moreover, the late British fashion representative Diana Princess has also worn it? It appeared in VOGUE magazine; today KANGOL is an important member of the international brand list.

Hat today

Kangol, the hat of the amazing kangaroo hat in recent seasons, has increased the color of the classic cap to more than a dozen; in addition, retro style, common in sportswear mesh fabric, plastic, stripes, leather embossing, gold decoration, branches Abstract patterns, fallen tannins, oversized, fancy bonnets and folding designs are all fashionable expressions of the season.

Repetitive graffiti totems, there is also a growing trend, like the kangaroo logo repeated in the cap, or countless 38, 83 figures of flowers, Kangol's explanation is, 38, is the brand creation Year, 83, is the beginning of the hip-hop era, each has its historical significance, but it is not a mistake.

Kangol's classic 504 cap was actually improved from the army's beret in 1954. It was celebrated on the 50th anniversary. Kangol specially designed the 504 one-piece open-die plate with fine stitching technology to design a limited edition. Hat Bag small round bag, the appearance of the same as the 504 polyester fiber, inside the logo silk fabric, a total of black, white, pink, pink, baby blue, military green and beige.