Scientists Have Invented An Electric Baseball Cap To Save Male Baldness

- Sep 25, 2019-

Baldness is certainly one of many male woes, and there may be hope for a solution to this century's conundrum.

An international team of researchers has developed the most sophisticated treatment for male baldness ever: an electric baseball cap, TNW reported. The cap includes an auto-activated electronic "patch" that stimulates the scalp, allowing damaged tissue to regenerate and allowing hair to regenerate faster than medication, according to the company.

In fact, the device was developed by researchers at the university of wisconsin-madison, the university of electronic science and technology of China and shenzhen university.It's an electrical stimulation device rather than a hat. The device is small enough to fit inside an ordinary baseball cap and can operate without the use of a battery.

The team tested the patch on mice and found that mice using the patch grew hair faster than those not using it. It even made bald mice grow hair.

Researchers believe this could be a practical solution to male baldness, but not for everyone. For example, for people who are completely bald, it doesn't magically make them grow new hair follicles.

This is not a novel treatment, but a revolutionary version of the traditional electrical stimulation that has been around for decades. Its innovation lies in, the user needs only "patch" put on inside cap can, quite convenient.

If there was such a hat, would you buy it?