Use of scarves

- Mar 09, 2019-

Elegant knot

Scarf type: silk scarf, square type.

Silk scarf, light and warm

Silk scarf, light and warm

Matching clothing: If the scarf itself has a pattern, with a monochrome shirt; if the scarf itself is solid, then it can be worn with a patterned shirt.

Suitable environment: office.

Color: If the purple scarf is matched with the light-colored top, it is more elegant and solemn; and if it is matched with the water-blue color of the bright color, the effect of the contrast is also very eye-catching, but it is easy to make mistakes and cause the match to fail. Playing style:

1. Fold the two diagonal corners of the silk scarf and roll it up along the longer part. The degree of the roll depends on your taste. It is recommended to leave a larger area below;

2. Bend the pointed ends of the two sides downwards;

3. Surround the large area left in front of the chest, and the two scarves at the back are slightly knotted. Note that you should leave a little pointed head and hang it behind.

4. Adjust the folds of the chest scarf, how do you feel good when you come.

Cute knot

Type of scarf: silk scarf, small square scarf.

Matching clothing: Knitwear, sleeves, and cardigans. In short, thicker and thicker sweaters are more suitable for smaller sweaters, soft tops and flowing scarves to make your full feminine bloom.

Suitable environment: Suitable for both elegant office environment and full of outdoor sports style.

Color: Still the same, change according to dress. Darker colors are suitable for light or dark bases. A brightly-lined scarf, as long as the color of the scarf and the full-body clothing look harmonious (generally no more than three colors), just follow you.

Playing style:

1. Fold the two diagonally opposite corners and then roll them into a strip;

2. The two ends are folded in half, around the neck, and the two heads are swept together from the place where the bend is made;

3. Turn one of the two heads upside down and wrap it in from above.

4. Organize the shape until you are satisfied.