- Mar 25, 2021-


In the general pursuit of fashionable environment now, just the pursuit of brainless trendy and alternative has been unable to meet the needs of modern people, with the charm of traditional national culture "tie-dye" fabrics in the fashion circle quietly fire up.


The word "tie-dye" simply means tying and dyeing.To put it bluntly, it is to sew and dye the fabric.The characteristics of tie-dye elements look from the appearance of the fabric pattern color is very rich, and the change is very natural.


Features/advantages of tie-dye elements:

-- Rich and natural colors

The "tie-dye" element, whether it's clothing or pants, has a particularly eye-catching pattern.Because the fabric of this process from the texture to the feel of the color and collocation will be particularly natural.


Even if the difference in temperature and temperature of two colors is very big color department spells color together, as long as it is pure tie-dye technology, also can let two kinds of colors transition naturally, like a pair of pants with two layers of lining inside and outside.


The two tones you see are only interspersed with the lining effect, in the visual not only is not abrupt, but gives a person a very three-dimensional sense of visual experience.


-- Variable fabric styles

In addition to the characteristics of rich colors and styles, the tie-dye process is also very variable in terms of fabrics and styles.For example, not only polyester, cotton and nylon fabrics, which are often used to make shirts, can be tie-dyed.

Even rainproof silks or corduroys, which are often used to make jackets and down jackets, can still be tie-dyed.It can be said that the tie-dye process can be used in almost all fabrics known now.