The beach hat

- Aug 06, 2019-

The beach hat is a kind of sun hat, and the materials and styles are not specifically defined.

It is usually characterized by a circular foam rubber sheet and 10 to 18 curved strips formed thereon to form a cap body, the curved strip is a circular involute or an index spiral curve strip, and the cap body has a cap hole. The cap band is made up of two foam rubber bands, and the two heads of the cap band are fastened to the cap hole.

2-5 has a simple structure, beautiful appearance, easy production, low production cost, variable function, and is cap-like when used. It is usually flat, and can be shaded and rainproof. It can be used for people to travel and commute. An ideal beach hat for sun protection. [1]

The oversized 16cm brim is especially suitable for blocking direct sunlight during the summer to prevent sunburn. Can be compared with the sunshade effect of the sun umbrella! Soft wire shaping can be used to shape the straw hat. The hat can be folded at will and it is easy to carry! There is a wire at the brim that can be bent at will. Prevent radiation and prevent sunburn. It can match the sunshade effect of the sun umbrella! Specifications: Free size, cap around 57CM, brim 16CM Warm Tip: The hat material is imported paper grass, non-pure grass weaving, because the machine is woven, the pure head is relatively thin.