Perfect combination of turban and ponytail

- Jan 09, 2021-


Headscarf is also known as outdoor headscarf, variable headscarf, headscarf hat, outdoor headscarf, magic headscarf, headscarf wearing a lot of methods, a wide range of uses.Headscarf hairstyle is visible on the T stage of each big show field, the headscarf hairstyle of profusion begins to heat up greatly, the hairstyle of hairstyle of plait of braids of braids that has cavalier temperament is combined together with the scarf of bright color also forms relaxed and elegant together, need not complain long hair just has gorgeous modelling, the dream of profusion of a modelling for you is round.


Headband Fold the headband into two layers, put it over your head, and pull your hair out.The width of the headband can be adjusted by the headband. Use the headband to tie your hair in loops. If you know how to tie your hair in a ponytail, you will do this.