Other reminders

- Mar 16, 2019-

If you wear a partial hook, break the yarn, take off the needle, and loose the thread, stop wearing it immediately, and repair it to avoid the needle needle loosening the needle. All wool and high proportion wool products can not be dried by washing machine and tumble dryer, because the wool will be felted after washing, the needle ring is reduced, hard and severely deformed.

Wash the cashmere scarf after it has been worn or before storage. This will reduce the conditions of locust activity. Always open the closet or trunk lid and ventilate it to keep the scarf dry. Friction with rough surfaces should be avoided as much as possible. Some parts with more friction opportunities, such as sleeves and table tops, sofa armrests, inner pockets, wallets, etc., as well as avoiding long-term backpacks, avoid wearing long-wearing rough outerwear without lining, should minimize such contact. The main component of wool is protein, which also contains a small amount of fat, which is the favorite food of aphids. In the yellow mold season, it is easy to absorb water and is infested by mold invasion.