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- Mar 02, 2019-

The hat can keep warm, heatstroke prevention, dustproof, protect the function of the mind, and can be used as a symbol of occupation.

The appearance of the decoration, the variety of hats are also numerous, can carry different hats throughout the year. The hat styles of different regions, ethnic groups, men, women and ages are also different.

It is advisable to buy a hat that is made of soft, light and warm materials. It should not be too tight. It should be loose. It should not be too thick or too heavy, especially for children to buy a hat, otherwise it will hinder the blood circulation of the scalp. The development of the skull. Can not wear other people's hats, such as head lice, rickets and other skin infections can be transmitted through the hat, some children have strong sebum secretion, scalp oil secretion is particularly high, can make hair more oily, should wear breathable, light letter Hat, and wash frequently to keep the hat clean. Children who are susceptible to cold illness can choose to use cotton, woolen hats, and skin allergies do not use chemical fiber products. Hats should be cleaned, maintained, and kept for reuse.