Matching skills

- Mar 01, 2019-

1. khaki sweater + velvet vest + woolen shorts + yellow cap

The khaki high-neck sweater with plaid shorts, cool and full of flavor, with a white velvet vest, more feminine feminine, with a khaki cap, very consistent with the overall color.

2. Suede jacket + plaid Legging + yellow helmet cap

The white sweater is used as the bottoming shirt. The lotus leaf collar of the big collar is embellished with the monotony of the clothes. The suede jacket gives a tough feeling. It is matched with the green plaid Legging, yellow helmet cap and full of personality.

3. Large collar gown + sequined jacket + knee boots + black cap

The dark-necked gown has a base, the ruffled collar adorns the monotony of the whole piece of clothing, and the black sequined sweater coat, a pair of knee-high boots with a high-profile style, the black cap is even more A bit feminine.

4. Mane wool coat + patent leather trousers + ankle boots + black beret

The woolen collar's woolen coat is very special, the asymmetry brings an alternative beauty, the patent leather trousers show a wild feeling, with black ankle boots and a beret, a little more sexy.

5. Velvet coat with a belt + cake skirt + knee boots + white skull cap

The bottoming shirt can be worn with light-colored tights, with a cake skirt and transparent Legging, which can highlight the feminine leg lines, knee-length boots and white enamel caps with rivet buckles, adding a feminine and cute feeling to women. .

6. White down jacket + big scarf + white wire cap

Red as a bottoming shirt, with a big scarf with a skull design, a simple pair of jeans, a white down jacket and a white cap, showing the simple taste of women, the red hand bag is decorated with the overall color.

7. Short dress + white lace skirt + red cap

The black short dress lengthens the ratio of the upper body to the lower body, and at the same time, with a white lace skirt, the female's charming lower body is displayed, with a red cap, which keeps the new color while keeping warm.

8. Gray open chest jacket + belt + pink cap

The open-collar jacket with fur collars on both sides is very special, with an ordinary belt, which can be used to tie the female's charming waist. The pink cap and the pink bottoming shirt are integrated, and the chain bag brings Some women are flattering.

9. Gray woolen coat + long scarf + zebra hat

Light gray woolen coat with red Legging, a long scarf tied to the neck, embellished with the monotony of the upper body, a small red chain bag diagonally across the shoulder, creating a warm atmosphere, zebra hat I wore it and wore a playful look.

10. Dark coat + black Legging + knee boots + zebra beret

An ordinary long coat just covered the buttocks, wearing a sexy black Legging, an ordinary zebra beret but brought out a sense of fashion.

11. Bottoming shirt + wool vest + blue cap

Light gray bottoming shirt, must not be color, the pattern on the chest must use bright color embellishment, with a dark green wool vest and a red A-line skirt, very lively, plus a blue line cap to add a finishing touch effect.

12. Blue sportswear + warm Legging + warm boots + gray sleigh cap

Blue sportswear gives us a sense of power, with warm Legging and warm boots, we are not afraid in the cold winter, if it is cold, with a gray ski hat, you can protect the top of the head and ears.

13. velvet coat + snow boots + colored ski hat

Dark blue as a bottoming shirt with a white velvet coat, warm and stylish, with the most popular snow boots and colored ski hats, let us walk on the thick snow is not afraid of cold.