How to wear a beret (Beret matching skills)

- Jan 19, 2021-

The origin of the beret is from the uniform of the army. The beret used to be the symbol of the army and the military. Now, the beret has gradually evolved into a fashion and popular element of accessory.Here are some common ways to wear a beret.


Rabbit hair beret is very popular in the winter a beret, they wear method mainly is to look at the requirement for heat preservation effect, pure rabbit fur hat heat preservation effect is very good, if the weather is not very cold, can choose to wear other styles of hats, so for the rabbit fur beret to wear method is suggested according to the weather changes in temperature program, and if they like furry hats.


The spotted beret is suitable for those who like novelty and follow the fashion trend. This beret is suitable for those who care about their personality and like the avant garde fashion.


Through the above introduction of these berets to wear the method, I believe you have a more in-depth understanding of the beret wearing.But the way to wear a beret is not only these oh, there are many other ways to wear a beret, according to different situations and scenes have different needs, but also hope that everyone can find out their own unique personality has innovative beret wearing method.