How to keep scarves

- Mar 19, 2019-

How to save the scarf shawl for a long time to eliminate the hanging spike knotting method---Be sure to open the hanging ear and then collect it: Before collecting the shawl and scarf, etc., you must first open the hanging ear, but you can't pull it up, you can use a thicker comb. Comb the hanging spikes and straighten the hanging spikes with the steam of the steam iron.

Shawl Collection Method---Wrap the hanging spikes with aluminum foil: When the shawls are taken out of the closet every winter and winter, is it often that the hanging spikes are bent and folded, and how can the ironing be eliminated? It is recommended that you keep the hanging ears in a long-term collection and wrap them in aluminum foil.

Scarf Collection Method---Wrap it with tissue paper to prevent aliasing: After combing the hanging ear portion, fold it to the inside and carefully wrap the scarf with a well-ventilated tissue paper to prevent the hanging spikes from knotting. Anti-mildew, otherwise I will see the unrecognizable scarf when I use it in the second year. It is too late to regret it.