How to choose the right straw hat according to the style?

- Mar 12, 2021-

As everything recovers, when people encounter traffic jams again, the irritability and helplessness that were once turned into a bit of joy. The long winter, in the blink of an eye, summer has arrived, and sunshade work has begun to become one of the most important things in daily travel. Hats, such as physical sunscreen products that free hands and add a sense of shape, are about to be purchased. Among them, unique materials Straw hats with characteristic woven textures are very popular, but there are too many styles of them. How to buy them and how to match them in fashion? Let me choose the most suitable straw hat for everyone this year.


The texture of straw hats is woven with large straw ropes, which looks rough and original. From the style, it looks rough and atmospheric. It is suitable for dressing styles that do not pay much attention to the fineness of materials, such as teenagers, fashion, nature, and drama; on the contrary, Some are woven with thin straw ropes, and the weaving is fine and regular. From the perspective of style, they are more delicate and delicate. They are more suitable for girly, elegant, romantic, and classical styles that emphasize the sense of refinement. Of course, this is only a very important reference, and it depends on the conclusion of the overall relationship.


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Speaking of the most suitable item with straw hats, I said no one would deny the "vegetable basket" straw woven bag. The warm color, the breath of nature, and the fresh texture seem to breathe, which is perfect for the feeling of summer.


Unless it is a straw hat dyed with a coloring agent, the color of the straw hat we see is beige, but the lightness ranges from a light cream to a medium linen color, showing a warm tone. Therefore, matching beige clothes of the same color or clothes similar in color to straw hats can have a natural and harmonious overall feeling.


Many straw hats will be worn with decorative belts, either achromatic, or with colors and patterns. You can choose clothes of the same color as the decorative belts to match the accessories to the main body and show the wearer's collocation thoughts. If your hat does not have a decorative strap, you can add it yourself, as long as it looks good with it.


The pajamas style can walk on the red carpet gorgeously, and can also be matched with a pair of slippers and a straw hat, making it a perfect match for leisure trips, especially for nature trips, comfortable and lazy. Of course, the premise is that the style of the hat and clothes are correct.


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▽Juvenile style

The juvenile style straw hat emphasizes the straight-line version, and the overall feeling is lively, handsome, capable, and concise. It is very suitable for cool men's straw hats, small and tough.


The juvenile type and baseball cap are a perfect match, so you can also choose those straw hats in the shape of baseball caps, or western cowboy hats, exuding a tough, free and easy, handsome British style.


Hepburn has worn straw hats with various silhouettes and various decorations. The most suitable for her is these men's, tough, lively and compact styles, which can be said to be "seeing a hat like a face".


The above is the summer collocation of straw hat introduced to you, please pay attention to me for more information