How to choose a baseball cap with a costume

- Jul 22, 2019-

Method / Step 1:


The price of the baseball cap should match the overall clothing price. A high-end clothing should be matched with a baseball cap similar in style and grade. Otherwise, the expensive clothes not only failed to support the gas field, but also showed the inferiority of the hat. The reverse is also the same, fabrics, workmanship are highlighting the temperament of the hat, naturally can not be matched with the rough workmanship of the street.

Method / Step 2:

Style with

The girls should choose the hat that can highlight the temperament according to their own body. For example, girls with small pets should not pick wide-brimmed hats when choosing a baseball cap, which makes them look particularly large, which affects the overall lengthening effect and is more petite. You can choose a style with a certain angle of inclination, not only full of personality, but also visually long enough. Especially when the mm are to be matched with the shoulder-shouldered clothes, the angled hat can enhance the visual attraction, create a strong impact and enhance the overall matching gas field.

Method / Step 3:

colour match

If the color of the baseball cap is coordinated, it will add points to the overall image. For example, on a sunny summer day, friends wear colorful costumes, and the fancy sense of the dress makes it impossible to choose a hat that is too fancy when choosing a hat. It is recommended to match the elegant white. When going out, if you wear blue or red eye-catching style clothes, friends may often refer to white hats. In fact, although the same is the eye-catching color, but may wish to change the reference. For example, red clothes with a blue baseball cap will instantly turn you into a dazzling focus.


Go out for a long time to wear children's shoes, choose a hat and try not to pick loose.

Comb Liu Haier's mm can bring the hat back to avoid the bangs turning.

In short, I hope that everyone can seriously remember the above shopping skills and methods, so that you can choose a favorite baseball cap. In addition, I hope that everyone will shop more than three, so that there are more opportunities to buy a suitable baseball cap.