Face and surrounding method

- Mar 14, 2019-

Round face

For those who have a richer face, if you want to make your face look crisp and thin, the key is to stretch the sagging part as much as possible, emphasize the vertical sense, and pay attention to the integrity of the longitudinal line from head to toe. Interrupted. When tying the knot, choose those tying methods that suit your personal style, such as diamond knots, diamonds, roses, heart knots, cross knots, etc., to avoid overlapping the neck, excessive lateral and layered texture. The knot.

Long face

The lateral system that expands left and right can show the flowing feeling of the collar and reduce the long feeling of the face. Such as lily knots, necklace knots, double-head knots, etc. In addition, the silk scarf can be twisted into a slightly thick rod shape, and the bow-like shape is formed. Do not over-tighten, try to let the silk scarf hang naturally, and render Awkward feeling.

Inverted triangular face

From the forehead to the lower jaw, the face of the inverted triangle with a narrower face width gives a harsh impression and a monotonous feeling. At this point, you can use silk scarves to fill the neck with a layered feel, and a luxurious knot style will have a good effect. Such as rosettes with leaves, necklace knots, blue and white knots. Pay attention to reducing the number of times the scarf is wrapped around. The sagging triangle should be deployed as naturally as possible to avoid too tight a tightness and pay attention to the horizontal layering of the knot.

Square face

A person with a wide cheek and a square face with a forehead, jaw width and face length are basically the same, which is easy to give a feeling of lack of femininity. When you wear silk scarves, try to make the neck around the neck clean, and put some knots on the chest, and then with a simple line to create a noble temperament. The silk flower pattern can be selected from basic flowers, nine-character knots, and long-skin rosettes.