Does your hat look fashionable?

- Feb 26, 2021-

I heard that recently we are all discussing: "different consumption views, it is difficult to get together?"


What I want to say is that the frequency of washing hair in winter can match with each other that is a natural pair!Every girl who washes her hair and goes out with you in winter is an angel.

After all, if you don't wash your hair once in winter, you'll live to be ninety-nine.When you go out with a hat is lazy cancer savior, next, I will introduce you a few autumn and winter hats, save your winter!

Newsboy cap

The hottest hat of the year is also the newsboy hat.There was one on the head of almost every model on the fall/winter catwalks this year.Found recently a lot of sister also wore up, neutral handsome newsboy cap may be said to be deep fashionable girl's heart.


It can be worn with a variety of styles, stylish and practical.


When the newsboy hat meets cowboy, it is also a combination with high head-turning rate, which can highlight its sense of nifty and reduce the age effect is also obvious.


Tie-in sweater, handsome and neutral newsboy cap can neutralize its gentleness, modern double!


How to wear it in style?

One of the reasons the newsboy hat is so popular is that it can be worn with any face shape and any style!But it's more slimming and leaves a few wisps of broken hair to look better.



Berets were first created in the 15th century in Beyarne, at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains in southwestern France, and became popular among sheep herders.Since the mid-20th century, berets have been used as part of their uniform in many armies around the world, first by the French Alpine Mountain Forces in the early 1880s.


Then came the streets of Paris in the 1920s, from artists to poets, from writers to singers and stars, the beret officially entered the fashion field.


In Rembrandt's self-portrait, the beret is worn from the age of 28 to 53.


French singers Edith Piaf and Lauren Bacall both wear berets.Even Marilyn Monroe is a big fan because it's so easy to wear and so flexible.For chic chic, wearing a beret and looking nice is enough.


Beret is one of the cap with the highest popularity in autumn and winter, one can wear a different feeling, but salt can be sweet, the collocation utilization rate in autumn and winter is very high, and very convenient to carry ~


There are many styles of berets, depending on the material, color, etc.The most common beret is woolen beret, which can be easily adjusted into different hats because the fabric is soft.


For fall and winter, try hats in a variety of colors, such as durable pumpkin colors, bright red, vibrant yellow, and so on.A beret is a clever way to brighten up your outfit, especially if you're wearing something more modest.


When choosing the hat color, you can also learn from the matching techniques of shoes and socks, using the same color collocation method ~


Berets also have more rigid hats, such as leather berets, wearing a gentle but more tough and handsome ~

Leg fine supermodel wearing soft leather beret, very temperament!


A little girl with a good leather beret can be sweet and cool.For example, Wang Ziwen often uses berets to make his appearance.


That's all for today's sharing. Thank you for your attention!