Corduroy hats—Fashion and elegant

- Mar 04, 2021-

The hat can shade the sun, can be windproof warm, but fashion people more use it to match clothes, decorate the face, enhance clothing!With the retro wind blowing, corduroy has become the most fashionable fashion symbol in 2020. The corduroy element is widely used. You have corduroy coat and corduroy pants, but you don't have corduroy hat, so it can be said that the distance between you and fashion is just a corduroy hat!Let's take a look!


The thick striped corduroy cap with full velvet sense, and the small ball on the top of the cap, can be said to be a magic tool for reducing age, it is lively and lovely!


Ginger yellow imitation corduroy basin hat, with a circle of leather belt, retro and fashionable.


The bucket hat of ginger sugar color deserves to go up the makeup look that restore ancient ways and setting, blends in the feeling of small nobles of 80 century English villa at a stroke.


Coarse corduroy bucket hats add a sense of weight, warmth and comfort, a favorite of nifty girls.